1. International Student Scientific Conference for Young Scientists and Doctors is an interdisciplinary conference consisting of competition for the best paper presented as a scientific report (oral and scientific sessions), review of scientific output: lectures, panel discussions and workshops.

2. The Conference will be held on April 27-29, 2016 in Medical University of Gdańsk.

3. Scientific session are intended for undergraduate students or a graduate students (within one year after graduation).

4. The Conference is organized by the Organizing Committee of 24th ISSC, which is appointed by the Board of Students` Scientific Society of Medical University of Gdańsk.

5. The competition for the best paper presented as a scientific report is divided into sessions regarding different fields of biomedical sciences (see programme of the Conference). The number of sessions varies (is different) every year is variable and determined directly by the number of abstracts submitted.Organizers reserve the right to transfer abstracts to a session which is most closely related to the topic.

6. The Report Session of Second Year Full Time PhD MUG Students and MUG Biotechnology Students' Master Degree Session take place during the Conference.


1. Participants must register and submit abstracts using electronic application on the ISSC website (http://www.issc.gumed.edu.pl).

2. Active participants' registration is open until March 23rd 2016.

3. The abstract must be submitted until March 21st 2016.

Note: Abstracts arriving after this date will not be accepted.

4. The official language of the Conference is English. All works must be prepared and presented in English.

5. An abstract consist of 5 parts: background, aim of the study, methods, results, conclusions. It should not exceed 3000 symbols without title and internal titles (background, aim of the study etc).

6. The abstract is not allowed to contain graphs, picture images and other graphic forms.

7. Every participant can present an unlimited number of papers but no more than one work in one session. One work must not be presented on both oral and sessions.

8. Authors of all papers ought to be students or (post)graduates - not necessarily of Biomedical Faculties.
Note: Papers' supervisors cannot be the papers' authors - in such cases papers will be disqualified.

9. Papers registered for the Conference are qualified for presentation by the Scientific Committee of 24th ISSC. The decision of paper's rejection is final and will be sent via e-mail on March 23rd 2016


1. Authors can choose the form of presenting their papers among: ORAL SESSION, SESSION or CASE REPORT.

2. Oral session:

I. Presentations should be prepared either in Prezi or MS PowerPoint .

II. Presentations will be accepted on CD drives and USB devices with surname, title and session.

III. They should be delivered to Session Co-ordinator60 minutes before the start of the respective session at the latest.

Attention! Please prepare your presentation in a format that can be operated by Microsoft Windows. We do not take any responsibility for technical difficulties that may arise due to incompatibility.

IV. Oral reports should not exceed 7 minutes and discussions cannot take longer than 5 minutes.

V. The Session Co-ordinator has the right to interrupt any report or discussion after a lapse of time given.

VI. Presenter is obligated to participate in the discussion after finishing presentation. Co-authors and the audience are also allowed to participate in the discussion.

VII. Top 10 oral session winnners are entitiled to take part in the 'Grand Prix' session, in which they will compete for the Grand Prix Award.

3. Case report session:

a. The presentations in this session will contain a description of a one particular case and as such will not be of the same significance as the papers in other sessions. Due to its different structure, winners of the ‘Case Report’ session will not be able to participate in the ‘Grand Prix’ session.

b. The Jury's decision is final and cannot be reversed.

5. The winners of each session will be announced at the end of each day on ISSC website, via ISSC app and in Venue on board provided.


1. All participants have to pay a registration fee in accordance with the table below. Registration and payment are required to attend any of the conference activities.

2. An Active participant is allowed to:

b. present the scientific paper in selected sessions,

c. be an auditor in all scientific sessions and lectures,

d. take part in workshop programme,

e. be involved in the Opening Ceremony and Grand Prix Ceremony,

f. receive a certificate of participation,

g. joina social programme in,

h. get a conference gifts.

3. A passive participant of the conference can be a student or alumnus of any faculty and is allowed to:

a. be an auditor of all scientific sessions and lectures,

b. take part in workshop programme,

c. receive a certificate of participation,

d. get a conference gifts.


1. The Conference Fee is unequal for participants and amounts:

Before 01.04.2016

Before 15.04.2016

After 15.04.2016


55 PLN

75 PLN

100 PLN


85 PLN

100 PLN

150 PLN


30 PLN

30 PLN

30 PLN

2. The fee is obligatory for every active participant of the conference, that is to say, the one presenting the paper. Passive participants (co-authors among them) are not obliged to pay the fee – in this case however they will only have the right to enter the scientific sessions. Workshops, lectures and other events, as well as copies of certificates will not be available.

Attention! Only payment in Polish currency will be accepted

3. The conference fee should be paid by bank transfer to:
Beneficiary name: Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny
Adress: Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie 3a
City: Gdansk
Zip code: 80-210
Country: POLAND
Account number: 33 1090 1098 0000 0001 1268 0486
Title: 24th International Student Scientific Conference / participant's name

4. In case of abstract's rejection the fee will be refunded during the following 14 business days.
Note: In case of participant's resignation/absence the fee will not be refunded.


1. Submission of papers for the Conference is equal with accepting the above-mentioned Rules and giving consent to processing personal data for organizational purposes by the ISSC Team.

2. The Organizing Committee of 24th ISSC has the right to qualify papers for sessions other than preferred by the authors.

3. The Rules interpretation, arbitration of all issues of the dispute and other matters not mentioned in the Rules are prerogative of the Organizing Committee of 24th ISSC.

4. Different rules may apply for the Report Session of Second Year Full Time PhD MUG Students and MUG Biotechnology Students' Master Degree Session.

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