1. Participants must register and submit abstracts by electronic application on the ISSC website (www.issc.gumed.edu.pl).

2. Active participants' registration is open until March 23rd 2016. Passive participants can register until April 21st 2016.

3. The abstract must be submitted until March 21st 2016.

Note: Abstracts arriving after this date will not be accepted.

4. The official language of the Conference is English. All works must be prepared and presented in English.

5. An abstract consist of 5 parts: background, aim of the study, methods, results, conclusions. It should not exceed 3000 symbols without title and internal titles (background, aim of the study etc).

6. The abstract is not allowed to contain graphs, picture images and other graphic forms.

7. Every participant can present an unlimited number of papers but no more than one work in one session. One work must not be presented on both oral and poster sessions.

8. Authors of all papers ought to be students or (post)graduates - not necessarily of Biomedical Faculties.

Note: Papers' supervisors cannot be the papers' authors - in such cases papers will be disqualified.

9. Papers registered for the Conference are qualified for presentation by the Scientific Committee of 24th ISSC. The decision of paper's rejection is final and will be sent via e-mail after March 23rd 2016.

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